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CRM Consulting Portals

Connects Microsoft Dynamics CRM to an organization's Web experience. This is the base framework upon which you can then deploy eService, Event Management, or Partner Relationship Management (PRM). This accelerator can connect to Microsoft Dynamics CRM on-premises, Online and internet facing deployment deployments.

The Portal Integration accelerator also delivers content management with in-page editing that provides administrators with the ability to update content and modify the user interface directly from the portal interface.

CRM Consulting portals are an aggregation point for content, functions, and features using web-based technology and dynamic channels. In simpler terms, it’s a central place for making all types of information accessible, allowing organizations to extend business processes to the internet, expand their reach, and reduce costs across sales, service and marketing.

  • Increased productivity and timely information access
  • Increased revenue opportunities
  • Increased customer and/or partner communication and satisfaction
  • Ability to build stronger business relationships
  • Ability to extend your CRM Consulting system outside your organization and enable input from external parties