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eCommerce Solution

Traditional store-based retail is not going away. Customers will shop in stores as they always have. But they will soon expect the level of service to include web enabled retail services as a matter of course.

Customers will also expect more sophisticated handling of information about themselves and about their purchases than they would have expected in the past. Tolerance for a retailer's ignorance about their history or preferences will become less. This is only natural as expectations rise by experience.

  • A superior retail management system
  • An effective ecommerce solution

The web store extends the physical store, and is an effective tool for attracting new shoppers and enhancing customer service creatively. E-commerce strategy is a decision as important as location, merchandise or personnel and a key element that any retailer today should be looking for is integrated e-commerce. Oddly, the majority of e-commerce solutions on the market today do not integrate the physical store with the web store.

What elements would be included in an integrated site?

  • Merchandise selection to the Web site directly from company inventory into the different departments of your choice with the ability to add enhanced descriptions and images
  • Each style in inventory can be represented as a single web product
  • Automatic polling of sales orders from the Web to the company main for fulfilment
  • Inventory relieved upon order fulfilment
  • Centralized data entry, for both inventory management and the e-commerce catalog
  • Consolidated customer history and tracking
  • Order notification
  • Stock availability notification
  • Defined shipping rates
  • Without e-store integration, the retailer is required to maintain separate inventories, customer lists, and orders. This duplication of information costs time and money, and is error prone.