A team made of immense talent, coming from various large global organizations


What do you do when you have a question your team can't answer or a problem you can’t solve? Spending days browsing blogs, discussion boards or support networks is not an effective use of your time!

Our on-call support team is comprised of highly-skilled developers, managers, solution architects, testers and certified technical support professionals who understand the vital role of applications play in your business.

Our SharePoint experts on the front lines instead of hidden behind someone reading a script or manual in an offshore call center, we provide the quickest results and best experience for you our client. We realize that no one person can be an expert on all facets of SharePoint that is why we have a very large and diverse resource pool to utilize.

We have Microsoft certified SharePoint specialists in infrastructure, development, deployments, user interface, branding, customization, and everything else SharePoint.

SharePoint On-Call Services

  • SharePoint End User Helpdesk
  • Remote Production Server Technical Support
  • System Testing and Issue Remediation
  • SharePoint Application Troubleshooting
  • SharePoint Hardware/Software/Network Configuration Support
  • Performance and Scalability Support
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Services
  • Development or Staging Server Hosting Services
  • Debugging and Error Log Analysis
  • Mobility and Social Media Support
  • Security and User Management Support

How do we give support?

  • Wide range of support models.
  • Dedicated resource or team.
  • Remote and Onsite support with well-equipped infrastructure, Video Conferencing, Web Meeting, VOIP, Chat etc.